Welcome to the South Shore Eagles Youth Hockey League. Our goal is to teach young people the FUNdamentals of youth hockey.

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July 2014




That could not have been easier. Thank you so much for the quick response and action taken to make this work. Never would I have ever expected for you to be able to turn that around so quickly....and on a Tuesday night.


This is absolutely a testament to why my wife Lisa and I are so happy that we enrolled Jacob into your program. You and the South Shore Eagles are an outstanding organization and they (and we) are very fortunate to have someone like you that is so committed to providing a great experience on and off the ice for the parents as well as the kids and to make the Eagles everything it can be. I wish everyone put in this kind of effort to get things done.


Thank you for all that you do.






Good afternoon! 

I wanted to take a moment and express a few thoughts on my experience with the try hockey free program! 

My son was put with kids who had never skated before because he said he'd never. After a short while, my son wanted to 'take a break". When he was brought to me he told me he wanted to use the hockey stick. I spoke to the woman and explained my son had indeed taken a learn to skate program and had some basic skating skills. He was then placed in another group where he was given his hockey stick. Needless to say, he was ecstatic. As the program progressed, my son was getting tired and was sad because his friend had changed his mind and was not on the ice with him. He cried and was saying he wanted his momma. 

I was so impressed with your staff and how they managed this situation. They encouraged him to skate, shoot the puck and follow along with the class. There was one gentleman particularly who was EXCELLENT working with my son. I wish I had asked for his name. 

Overall, I was impressed with the staff and all interactions I had with your organization.

I am a teacher and I know how challenging it can be with a large group of children of mixed ages and skills. Your organization should be proud of the men & women who worked with these children. 

I am impressed with the experience my son had at a free event. Although he didn't like the crowd on the ice, I know he is in love with hockey. That has only been reinforced with his experience!

Thank you!

Michelle M. Tierney